Providing Support Every Step of the Way

With over 116 years of experience and expertise to guide us, operations from coast to coast, and more than 3.6 million hours of support provided each year by our world-class team, Bethesda works every day to promote independence, inclusion and community for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Safe and Loving Homes

We provide unique housing solutions for the people we serve, because each person comes to us with a unique vision for the kind of place they want to call home.

Community-based Housing

Everyone needs a place to call “home” and sense of belonging. That’s why we provide a range of community living options for people with disabilities, including shared living arrangements, as well as small group home options.

Supported Living Services

Designed to support people with disabilities that live in their own home or apartment, Supported Living Services provide a flexible option for in-home support. People choose the amount and type of support that is right for them—no more, no less.

Cornerstone Village

Cornerstone Village is a residential community designed to unite people with developmental disabilities with other members of the community in a loving, Christian environment.

Education and Training

At Bethesda, we believe the world shines brighter when people with disabilities achieve their full potential. That’s why we offer transition services to help the people we serve find opportunities to grow and thrive in their communities.

Employment Support

Bethesda’s Career Connections program offer opportunities for people with disabilities to work in fulfilling, long-term, integrated employment, with hands-on job matching, development, and coaching.

Bethesda College

This unique certificate program is designed to help people with disabilities realize the college experience, gaining life skills and independence while getting an education.

Community Connections

We encourage the people we support to become active members of their communities, pursue their passions and have fulfilling life experiences through community engagement programs and day programs.

Professional Services

Our world-class team of professionals center their expertise around the needs of each unique individual they serve to help them thrive in all aspects of life

Behavior Supports

Our world class team of behavior therapists provide customized treatment plans to help those with autism and other developmental disabilities develop the skills they need to overcome behavior challenges.

Financial Services

Our financial service professionals assist the people we serve and their families in numerous areas of financial management, pointing the way toward a healthier financial future.