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Inspiration Series

A new virtual devotion from Billy Mauldin drops today at 6:30 p.m. CDT!

Creating Independence Together

Together we help thousands of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities realize a greater sense of independence by providing resources, opportunities and encouragement. Our impact changes lives.

Music Series

Check out our library of free concerts featuring artists like Michael Tait, Love and the Outcome, Stars Go Dim, Mack Brock and more.

Recognize a Hero

Our frontline staff are more than just employees. They are the heart of our organization, and the work they do for the people we support is unparalleled.

Home Activity Center

Find activities, prayers and more to keep you calm and connected in mind, body and spirit.

Latest from Our Blog

Social Stories for People with Disabilities

June 24, 2020 – Some of the word’s earliest communications relied on icons and pictures to tell a story and communicate information. Today as the world bridges languages and people become more aware and sensitive to individual differences, images are used more and more to communicate information.

Promote Choice, Dignity & Inclusion

Your support gives people with intellectual and developmental disabilities loving homes, job and education resources, and opportunities to connect with their faith.


Join us in taking time to make a lasting difference for the people we support. It can make a meaningful difference in your life, too.

Donate Monthly

Your ongoing support will provide essential resources to people with disabilities and enable them to lead their best life possible.

Message from Our CEO

Our CEO, Mike Thirtle shares Bethesda’s values and the importance of justice and equality.

Stories of Inspiration

“Our worries are over.”

Scott finds his second home—his parents find peace of mind.

“The doctors said he wouldn’t live too long.”

Today, Steven is in his 50s and is living a fuller life than anyone ever expected.

“I am proud of myself.”

Tristan, a young man with autism, grew up in a home where he and his mother were victims of abuse.

“They said I’d always live in a hospital.”

Born at only 1.5 pounds, no one would have expected Mary to live.

“It took me awhile to learn how to do this job.”

Chelsea knew she was capable of more and with the help of her job coach landed the job of her dreams.

“I did not have the confidence to speak in front of people.”

Chase may be blind, but those who know him best say his biggest disability is his anxiety.

“On your wedding day you want the people that mean something.”

When Matt started working at Bethesda, he never expected to meet Brian.

“Our family just has this debt of gratitude.”

40 years, countless memories, Bethesda becomes part of the family.

“We wanted to find a nice place for him.”

One of the most difficult decisions a parent can make is asking others for help.

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About Bethesda

For over 115 years, Bethesda has provided vital support, resources and encouragement to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in a way that is true to our Christian mission. We are dedicated to helping those we support become active members of their community so that they can live their best life possible.

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