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Each person comes to us with a unique vision for the kind of place they want to call home.

Everyone needs a place to call home. At Bethesda, we help adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities make choices about where they live, whom they live with and how they spend their time.

Our community-based residential support services are individualized to meet the desires of each person and include shared living options like host homes and family caregiver support, as well as small group homes. No matter the setting, we strive to foster independence and empower choice in the everyday activities and decisions of the people we support.

Shared Living Arrangements

Bethesda’s shared living options, also known as Host Homes, Life Sharing Homes and Family Homes, match people with intellectual and developmental disabilities directly with people in the community who are looking for an opportunity to welcome them into their homes, lives and families. 

Living in a home gives the people we support the benefits of living on their own, but in a supportive, family-like setting where they can gain independence and form strong, lasting relationships.

Our Shared Living Providers assist the person they support with their daily lives, including:

  • Supporting their health & happiness
  • Seeing friends and family
  • Managing school and job schedules
  • Getting to appointments
  • Paying bills and keeping track of finances
  • Engaging in social activities (volunteering, church, clubs, community events)
  • And more!

Bethesda provides ongoing support to both the Shared Living Provider and the person with disabilities in the home to ensure a safe and loving environment for everyone involved.  Everyone works together to ensure the person with disabilities meets and exceeds the goals in their Individual Support Plan and continues to develop new skills and confidence.  We are actively expanding our network of Shared Living providers in many of our communities. Learn more about becoming a Shared Living provider.

Small Group Homes

When a person chooses to live in one of Bethesda’s community-based group homes, they join a small group of other housemates. They have the opportunity to choose whom they live with in the home, decorate their rooms to their personal tastes and preferences, and engage with their housemates how they choose. Bethesda’s caring staff work one-on-one with each person in the home, providing around-the-clock support.

Family Caregiver Support

With this type of Shared Living arrangement, Bethesda serves as a resource and ally to the people we support who wish to remain at home with their families and receive day-to-day supports from a parent, sibling or relative in a familiar setting.

We work closely with each family to ensure they have the knowledge, skills and resources necessary to support their loved one and create an enriching life at home.

Families that choose this service have access to all of Bethesda’s person-centered support and resources, including access to additional out-of-home community engagement and day programs, faith support and employment programs. To learn more about Bethesda’s Community Living options and residential support, complete the form below and we will contact you soon. 

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