Faith Resources

We offer faith support that makes it possible for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to become active members of their faith community.

Connecting Through Christ

Our Religious Life team collaborates to make connections between people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and congregations in their community.

For many we support, church was the first place they have ever experienced a sense of being part of something bigger, being empowered to give back or having the feeling of oneness that comes when a person feels they are an equal member of a community.

To promote the importance of spiritual support for people with disabilities, we provide training and education for congregations, church leaders and other religious organizations across the nation.

We also provide a wide variety of faith resources to help people grow in their faith.

As a Recognized Service Organization (RSO) of The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, we are an independent service provider committed to fostering the mission and ministry of the church. We maintain and respect the practice of the church and its ongoing commitment to the people we support.

Bethesda’s mission is motivated by sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. We welcome all people to be part of our community. Our staff at Bethesda assists the people we support in pursuing the faith of their choice.

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