Employment Support

Information for individuals, parents and guardians and employers about Bethesda’s employment support services for people with disabilities to find meaningful employment in their communities.

At Bethesda, we connect people with intellectual and developmental disabilities with impactful employment in their communities. Finding an opportunity to join the workforce can be challenging without the right support. Bethesda strives to overcome the challenges and biases in the workplace for people with disabilities by helping people discover their strengths and skills, and land the job of their dreams. We provide ongoing support to ensure everyone – employers, employees and customers — are satisfied with a job well done.

Here for you or your loved one

Bethesda Career Connections assists you or your loved one with finding and thriving in the right job. Bethesda’s Career Connections helps people we support develop confidence, independence and new job skills. Here are a few ways we can help:

  • Employee Matching: We use our vast employer networks to find employment matching career interests and skills.
  • Application Support: We provide necessary support and resources to navigate applications and interviews throughout the hiring process.
  • Ongoing Support: We partner with employees and their managers to provide customized employment planning, skills assessments and on-site job coaching.
  • Government Agency Partner: We work with Vocational Rehabilitation and waiver services to help obtain, maintain and advance employment for people with disabilities.

Here’s what two people we support said about their experience with Bethesda’s Career Connections.

Nik of Castle Rock, Colorado, has found success and happiness at Domino’s, where he assists customers with their orders, helps his team prepare for the day and makes bread twists. Best of all, according to Nik, he is learning to make pizza. In fact, he’s learning a lot more and has grown his work skills considerably with assistance from Sherree, his Bethesda job coach. As a job coach, Sherree helps to ease anxiety for people with disabilities along their career path, a journey that can seem overwhelming without the right support and resources. Nik has made a positive impression on Domino’s General Manager Tim Moore, who says Nik is beloved by customers and his positive attitude is contagious among his colleagues. Nik’s confidence and competence have grown and he dreams of one day owning his own franchise.

“They are very supportive and give me a lot of guidance.”

– Nik

Chelsea, 28, is an energetic, highly motivated person who dreamed of enhancing her skills and working at Culver’s, a restaurant chain headquartered in Wisconsin. Bethesda trained Chelsea to enhance the skills she needed to perform her daily tasks. Chelsea is a people person, and interacting with the customers has been beneficial for everyone. Throughout her employment experience, our job developers and coaches offer her customized job support every step of the way. She continues to grow and blossom in her role, working with her job coach, managers and co-workers to take on new tasks and responsibilities.

“I’m a working woman at Culver’s.”

– Chelsea

Interested in more information about Career Connections?

Please contact Kristine Leonard, Senior Director of Transition Services.
Email: Kristine.Leonard@BethesdaLC.org
Phone: 920-262-6529

Bethesda provides employment support services in Colorado.

For Employers

A diverse workforce including people with disabilities is good for business.

We partner with government agencies and local businesses to offer supportive vocational programs that open meaningful and integrated employment possibilities to people with disabilities.

By partnering with Bethesda, you will:

  • Find motivated, loyal employees.
  • Reduce hiring and training costs because of low turnover rates.
  • Maximize efficiency of current employees.
  • Find solutions to unmet workforce needs.
  • Receive ongoing employment support from Bethesda’s Career Connections staff.
  • Diversify your workforce, which increases business.

Working with Bethesda will have a net positive effect on your bottom line.

You don’t have to take our word on this, just read what other employers have had to say!

“One of our core values here at Mark Travel Corporation is, ‘Be unique.’ We recognize that every one of our team members has their own unique skillset and abilities and we work to embrace that every day. [Our Bethesda supported employee] is a wonderful cultural fit here at Mark Travel. Everyone here loves having him around and respects his work; he’s always smiling and seems very happy to be here, too!” -Lindsay Britton, Mark Travel

“[Our Bethesda supported employee] is beloved by our customers. His positive attitude is contagious among his colleagues.” – Tim Moore, Domino’s

“[Our Bethesda supported employee] is very independent, and she takes her job very seriously. I give her the task list every day and she always makes sure she gets through it. She’s a great employee, and we love having her here.” – Sara Stone, City of Fort Collins, Colo., athletic club

“It’s really nice having [our Bethesda supported employee] on the team because she’s got this little spunk to her that brings a smile to our faces. We can communicate with her and she listens to us and respects us. It’s nice to watch her improve.” – Amanda Melcher, Culver’s

“For the last three years we have had several Bethesda supported employees and they have all been very successful. We’ve been very happy and I love the partnership, so this year we hired one more person to work in the bakery and we just love her. When you set them up for success, it’s a win-win for both of us.” – Mary Reske, Metro Market

Interested in doing your part for your community by offering employment to someone with a disability?

Please contact Kristine Leonard, Senior Director of Transition Services.
Email: Kristine.Leonard@BethesdaLC.org
Phone: 920-262-6529

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