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Read, watch and share the latest news about Bethesda’s work supporting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The weekend of July 11-15, 23,000 youths poured into Minneapolis to attendContinued

In May, the world stood in awe as Kodi Lee, a gifted musician who is blindContinued

Imagine not being able to turn on the lights, reach the remote, or writeContinued

For Mike and Cindy Purnell, the cost of a house is a small price to payContinued

They have completed a one-year employment preparation program at theirContinued

Longtime Bethesda employee and volunteer Naomi Neuberger was recently awardedContinued

Ivy League education, top research analyst for Chevron, adjunct professorContinued

Bethesda Technologist, Barb Silver-Thorn, has dedicated her career to solvingContinued

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In The Media

The Coffee Hour – Smart Home Technology Serves

Barb Silver-Thorn, technologist with Bethesda Lutheran Communities, joins Andy to talk about the use of assistive smart home technology, how we are starting to implement in our homes, and how this …