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Our Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) exemplify what it means to be a hero. We are grateful every day, but want to especially highlight all they do during DSP Appreciation Week. It is thanks to their compassion and dedication that the people we support are living their best lives possible—lives filled with independence, community, and limitless potential. Thank you for your selflessness and generosity to the people we support.

Share your story, submit a photo or a video—however you want to express your appreciation for the brave and noble work of our DSPs and frontline team members, please do.

Sandra (New York)
Kayla Johnson (Wisconsin)
Cassie Sovereen (Wisconsin)
Cherri Washington (Texas)
Cherri Washington (Texas)
Rebecca Kempton (Illinois)
Kristin Molyneux (Illinois)
Rebecca Kempton (Illinois)
Rebecca Kempton (Illinois)
Rebecca Kempton (Illinois)
Dave Sneddon (Colorado)
Suha Sleibi (California)
Diane Ekstrand (Wisconsin)
Regina Home (California)
Tawnya Arueya (Minnesota)
Cassie Sovereen (Wisconsin)
Wanietta C Stuckey (Indiana)
Wanietta (Indiana)
Wanietta (Indiana)
Amy (Wisconsin)
Terri King (Illinois)
Tony (California)
Theresa (California)
Lauren (California)
Ami (California)
Christina (California)
Damian (California)
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Your thank-yous

Check out the photo, story and video galleries for examples and to get inspired by stories of our many Bethesda heroes.


Rebecca and Jaquelia are DSP workers at 12010 Tapered Bank Run in Ft Wayne Indiana.Tthey have worked for Bethesda for a little over 3 months and have taken over the jobs of advocate and caregivers with enthusiasm and kindness. They have filled in for the lead in the home who was in an accident and has been off on sick leave. They have gone out of their way to provide emotional support for the homes' residents. I am so grateful for the care they give . Mary Pepoy

Donna Winter

A shout out to the staff who work in WTTN supported employment department!
During this difficult time, the job coaches and job developer organized virtual training session for individuals to participate in. These sessions have proven to be very valuable to the individuals. Thank you to Becky, Renee, Julie and Robin!!

Ashlie Bauman

Sidneya Seals is an extra-ordinary DSP. She was able to remain calm and professional while in a particularly difficult, stressful situation. She handled the situation so well and was able to adapt quickly to the change and assist those we support to understand what was happening and help them also adapt. I am so proud of how she represents Bethesda!

Kayla Johnson

Becky Raether is a hero because she goes above and beyond to ensure the people we support are engaged and having fun during this difficult time!


Shout out to the gals in A/P. Thank you for keeping the bills paid, the lights on and postage in the meter. You keep Bethesda running. 🙂


Ministry Leader Sue Hart and her daughter Hannah Hart sewed all weekend to supply some Bethesda staff in Colorado with medical caps. They were requested by those working at a Bethesda ICF. The caps help keep hair out of the way while performing daily duties. The colorful cotton prints of fabric add a bit of whimsy to their work attire!

Gloria & Fernando Rosso

We are so very grateful to the staff at Brunn House in Leawood, Kansas. They help our son and his housemates live in a safe and secure environment. The staff’s caring demeanor, cheerful attitude and attention to their needs is something we will forever be thankful for. We are so grateful that our son is with Bethesda, both for residential and day program, words cannot express our relief and our gratitude. Thank you from the bottom of our heart.

Debbi Groeler

Nancy Liebhart and Karrie Zubke are working very hard to package and ship supplies to all the homes that need them. They are working long hard days. Mail Room Heroes!

Cassie Sovereen

My staff members out at 761 & 763 Milford street are heroes! They have been flexible in working in the group homes as well as helping wherever they are needed. Many staff have changed their hours, their daily routine and much more to help out during the virus. My staff are true heroes and I am thankful for each and everyone of them! Thank you all! Jackie, Hannah, Kenisha, Emma, Kathy, Amanda, Pete, Sue, Jim, Judy, Becky, Janice, and Barb. Thank you for putting the people we support first! 🙂

Veronica Winterscheidt and Michelle Utlaut

One of the ladies that we support in MO broke her glasses. We were having a very hard time finding a place to get them fixed or replaced because her eye care center was closed, as many others are as well. Veronica remembered a place that she had experience with in the past. She reached worked with Michelle and found out that they were open for contactless service. Michelle then made sure that the glasses were fixed ASAP!

Shamyra Womack, Tatiana Charles, and Nataly Benjamin

Have also been extremely helpful with coverage

Kim Martinez

She helps cover shifts at both homes. She has been great support to everyone in Pompton home. She has also came up with activities, such as karaoke, gets everyone together for group activities. Everyone gets so excited when she comes in to work.

Jasmine Freeman

Has donated activities to the ladies at Montville, she has kept the ladies smiling. She also assist with coverage during this time without hesitation.

Felicia DeGroat

In the short month she has been incredible, she has gained confidence from Chuck which has been great because for the longest time he only felt comfortable to share things about his life, likes and dislikes with me. She has also , been amazing with Beth keeping her spirits lifted. She has bought many smiles to the Pompton home to the wonderful people we support.

Melanie Smith

She not only cover’s available shifts in both homes to help me out without question. She has donated art and craft activities and has also helped me out with a list of activities that I put on our Amazon wish list and the guardians purchased some of those items. She has also come up with baking activities, Tie-dye shirts.

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