Auxiliary Projects

The Bethesda Auxiliary is a nationwide network of dedicated volunteers who support and promote Bethesda’s mission across the country. For over 60 years, the Bethesda Auxiliary has made it their mission to create awareness about the needs of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

2019 – 2020 Projects

Bethesda Auxiliary Scholarships

The Bethesda Auxiliary will provide $30,000 in scholarships for ten students pursuing professions that support people with disabilities. Five $3,000 scholarships will be awarded to junior and senior college students, while another five $3,000 scholarships will be awarded to seminarians or post graduate pursuing careers in disability ministry.

Bethesda Future Leaders School Grant

This year, the Auxiliary will award a $3,000 grant to three Christian schools to fund year-round disability awareness programs. Schools that complete a year-round disability awareness program will be pledged $9,000 for their program the following year.

Bethesda Leadership Program for People Supported

The Auxiliary will provide $10,000 in 2019 to fund training, tools, materials and development of the Bethesda Leadership Program by the Religious Life Team so that people supported may actively live out their faith as leaders at major Bethesda events and in their own communities.

Dominican Republic

This year the Auxiliary will contribute $5,000 to support the needs of six young adults in their group home in the Dominican Republic.

Bethesda Community Outreach Project, Communities, Families and Advocates

The Auxiliary will assist will provide $10,000 to provide My Faith in Action booklets to families and advocates outside of Bethesda through our Communities, Families and Advocates project.

Bethesda Ambassador Program

The Auxiliary will continue to assist the Bethesda Ambassador Program by providing $5,000 to fund resource materials for Bethesda Ambassadors. Ambassadors are advocates who visit congregations across the country to raise awareness about Bethesda and disability ministry.

Supporting Bethesda Staff with Scripture

During DSP Week in September, the Auxiliary will provide a $6,000 grant to distribute a 25-page pocket-size booklet of scripture for all Bethesda DSPs.

Bethesda Congregational Outreach Project

This year, the Auxiliary will provide $3,000 to distribute Bethesda’s Wonderfully Made: Communicating for Success pamphlets to 1,000 congregations for both disability awareness and Bethesda awareness.