Ideas for spending down funds

During COVID-19, many people with intellectual and developmental disabilities have not had the opportunity to spend money as they normally would. This has led to some concern that they will go over their balance limits as determined by the Social Security Administration and Medicaid, especially when considering the recent stimulus checks sent by the Internal Revenue Service.

Please note that stimulus checks are not considered income for SSI recipients, and these payments are excluded from resources for 12 months. Also, stimulus checks cannot be gifted to Bethesda.

That said, for those concerned about going over limits, there are many ideas for how funds can easily be spent. Here are some: 

  • Personal items: Clothes, personal care items, haircuts
  • Home items: Furniture (indoor and outdoor), décor for bedrooms
  • Just for fun: Games, toys, puzzles, art supplies, music, videos, collectibles, electronics, subscriptions to magazines or Netflix, contribute to a party; pay for a future vacation
  • Food items: Snacks, deliveries for themselves
  • Necessities: Education; special equipment; trust accounts to save for future large purchases; pre-need burial/funeral needs
  • Donations: To church; small gifts for family or friends

An important point to remember is any funds spent should benefit the individual supported. If you or your loved one needs help using or understanding spending limits or how to correctly spend funds, please contact the Financial Services Team at 833-BLC-9250 or