Frequently Asked Questions

Our name change might have you asking a few questions. We thought we’d answer a few that are on people’s minds.

Q. Are you still a Christian organization?

A. Absolutely. We continue to be guided by our Christian mission. We welcome, serve and love every person. We are proud to continue to be a Registered Service Organization of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. We cherish the opportunity to improve lives and humbly accept our responsibility to lead by example – just as Christ did.

Q. Why are you changing Bethesda’s name to AbleLight?

A. “Bethesda” has definitely served us well over the years, as we have supported people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and delivered upon our Christian mission. But, in our research, we found it also presented limitations as we’ve worked to expand our reach and impact the whole nation. More than 7 million Americans with a disability need our help! AbleLight will build upon our treasured history and positions us well for a transformational future. 

Q. When will the name change?

A. Our name will legally change on January 10, 2022. However, between now and then we’ll begin introducing the name. You’ll see it on our website and social media channels, in addition to the pages of the Messenger.

Q.  Have you been acquired by another organization?

A. No, we continue to be our own organization, independently charting a brighter future for people with disabilities.

Q. Do you still need donations?

A. Yes! Our mission is bigger than ever, and we need resources to be successful. There are many ways that our donors can help, such as monthly or yearly giving, an estate gift, or other creative options. We welcome the opportunity to partner with our donors in a meaningful way.

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