We believe the world shines brighter when people with disabilities achieve their full potential

When we first opened our doors in 1904, we were a small Wisconsin organization serving just five people. Over the years, the organization known as Bethesda became a national leader that changed the lives of tens of thousands of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Now, Bethesda will officially change our name to AbleLight on January 10, 2022— and we pioneer life-changing services that empower the people we serve to thrive.

Grand Kick-off event was a night to remember!

On Thursday, Sept. 23, Team Bethesda was invited to a special event to learn about and celebrate our new name – AbleLight!

Why AbleLight?

AbleLight unites two words that are uniquely important to our organization.

A Message from Our Chairman

Read Cesar Villalpando’s letter about how we got to this historic moment.

A Rich History and a Bright Future

For 117 years, we have led the transformation of services for people with disabilities.

What We Believe

At AbleLight, we believe the world shines brighter when people with developmental disabilities achieve their full potential. That is why we pioneer lifechanging services that empower the people we serve to thrive.

Our team is guided by core principles that set us apart from other providers and allow us to make a positive impact on people with disabilities and their families.

Open Arms

We include all people, cherish the opportunity to improve lives, and humbly accept our responsibility to lead by example. Guided by our Christian mission, we welcome, serve, and love every person.

Innovation for Good

Leading the advancement of our field for the benefit of those we serve, we set the standard for excellence with a bold and relentless approach to innovation. Inherent in our DNA is a drive for continuous progress to make life-changing impact.

Support for the Whole Person

We move beyond expectations, addressing the whole person so everyone can make the most of their abilities. With expertise across a truly unmatched set of services, we address the total well-being of every person.

Our Whole Person Approach

Our services are carefully designed within five distinct areas to ensure we can provide support for the whole person, regardless of their needs or disability and through every age and stage.

Safe and Loving Homes

A great life starts with a great home. We offer a variety of housing options to meet every need, including group homes, supported living and host home arrangements. Our latest innovation is AbleLight Cornerstone Village, a first-of-its-kind residential community uniting individuals with disabilities with people of all abilities in a loving, welcoming environment. Our housing options help people live as independently as possible while maintaining a meaningful connection to their community.

Financial Security

We take the uncertainty and stress out of money management. We provide one-on-one consultation and support to help people with disabilities and their families navigate the complex world of benefits and achieve their financial goals. This includes rep payee services, Medicaid redeterminations, Social Security reporting, and ABLE account support and training.

Independence and Wellbeing

We make it possible to achieve joy in daily living. Through our Behavior Supports, we provide individualized treatment plans for people with disabilities and their families to promote positive behavior change. Our one-on-one support guides the transition from school-based services to independent living, and from adult living skills to on-the-job support. Our AbleLight College builds life and work skills in young adults, getting them ready to dream big and accomplish more.

Innovation and Technology

We research and develop new technology to improve all aspects of life for people with disabilities, and provide customized solutions to meet individual needs. Assistive smart home technology is deployed in a growing number of our homes, including AbleLight Cornerstone Village, promoting safety, security, and independence.

Community and Faith

A strong connection to the community is key to a life well lived. We make that connection through day programs, virtual programming, faith connections, and volunteering options that bring people together.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our name change might have you asking a few questions. We thought we’d answer a few that are on people’s minds.

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